Widner Drug and Gift

Sharon Schenk, Gift Shoppe Manager

Mary Voelker, front end manager

Bob Sack RPh, Owner and President

Monica Sack Rn, Owner


Bob Sack has owned Widner Drug since 1974.  He remains an active pharmacist as well as maintaining strong ties to the Community.  He was honored with the "National Independent Pharmacist of the Year" in 2002.  Monica joined Widner Drug in 1992 and focuses primarily on Human Resources.


General Merchandise

Ice Cream Parlor

Gift Shoppe

Our Background

Widner Gift Shoppe offers gift items and decor for any occasion.  The recently expanded baby gift section is one of the largest in Eastern Iowa.

We proudly serve Blue Bunny and Kemps ice creams in an ever rotating variety of flavors.

In addition to Bob and Monica the Widner Drug Pharmacy team includes three additional Pharmacists - Justin Jordebrek, Tricia Collier, and Jonathan Kallenbach, as well as eight pharmacy technicians  two of whom are also nurses.   Combined our pharmacy staff has more than a century of health care experience.

In addition to over the counter medications the general merchandise section of Widner Drug offers cooking and baking supplies, craft supplies and workshops, cards, beauty supplies and more.